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ShooterPals Roadmap Update

Roadmap Update Nov ’22

🛣️ We're updating our roadmap to align with recent changes as we shift priorities and focus on providing a free-to-play, casual mobile...

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ShooterPals Development Update

Development Update Nov. 3

🔨 Hey pals! In this new development update series, we'll periodically share what we're working on and thinking about, and how we...

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ShooterPals CHIPS Token New Contract Address

New CHIPS Token Contract

⚠️ A new token contract has been issued in response to the latest hacking incident in which a user gained unauthorized access...

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Patch Notes Patch Notes v0.16.4

Patch Notes (v0.16.4)

🏪 ShooterPals Marketplace & Global Leaderboard are back! Aim rebind added for full controller support.

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Patch Notes (v0.16.3)

🛡️ Big changes are here including security improvements, an updated growth mechanic, and Play Credits

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ShooterPals Kind Builder

Patch Notes (v0.15.5)

🆙 Successful upgrade of multiplayer networking solution to Photon Fusion. Less network lag; higher performance; foundation for authoritative networking...

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