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Open Beta Patch Notes (v0.17.1)

Play ShooterPals Free - Open Beta Patch Notes v0.17.0
🎉 ShooterPals is now Free to Play! New Web2-friendly sign in option.


  • Open Beta has arrived. All pals are welcome! Sign up with username and password to start playing. Link a Web3 wallet anytime.
  • Username & Password Login. Set up a password in Settings. Sign in with username and password to conveniently access the core game. (The ShooterPals Marketplace and blockchain transactions at the Credit Shop are only available while signed in with Web3/MetaMask.)
  • Free Tier Changes: As a critical part of the core gameplay loop, XP Earn & Rank Up are available to all players including Free Tier! NFT holders get access to Achievements and Customization. Rare and higher rarity NFTs unlock CHIPS earnings boost & Daily Credit bonus.

💡 New in 0.17.1

  • Lighting effect added for subtle visual improvement
  • Liquid Lagoon map is back!

🔨 Fixes

  • Issue fixed where application becomes unresponsive on quit.

Down for Maintenance

  • Desktop for Mac support
  • Maps: Cackling Cave and Heroic Heights

🐛 Known Issues

  • Bots leave and rejoin when the host changes, and sometimes get stuck or float in the air. Larger bots may sink into the ground.
  • Connection interruptions may result in sudden match disconnect including loss of match rewards and play credit.
  • Weapons and pickups sometimes get stuck visually on screen.
  • Camera sometimes tracks invisible pals in Observe mode when the host changes.
  • FPS drop at certain events such as matchmaking and achievement complete.
  • Getting kills on a floating platform may result in dropping down.

Looking Forward

Mobile support is the next priority, where we feel ShooterPals will find its true home.
We plan to restore maps that are currently down for maintenance and bring back Mac support as soon as possible.
New game worlds, modes and NFT collections are on the horizon, with visions of weapon skins, emojis and more.

See you on the battlefield! 💣

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