Platform Shooter NFT Game - Coming Soon!

ShooterPals Endless .io Gameplay

Endless .io Action

Start small and grow bigger with each kill.
Stay alive as long as you can,
'cuz your score resets when you die!

ShooterPals Pals & Hats

NFT Character Skins

Decentralized ownership of in-game assets. Hodl your Pals & Hats in a MetaMask* wallet, or list on any exchange.

ShooterPals Choose Your Nickname

Casual 2D Multiplayer

Change your Nickname anytime.
Join a match in one click.
Easily digestible cartoon fun for all ages!

Immutable Hand-Crafted Art

Character appearance is immutable. In-game textures sourced straight from NFT metadata.

Multiple Rarities

ShooterPal NFTs have a supply of 1-100 based on their rarity.

NFT Launch + Beta

Gain access to closed beta with purchase of a ShooterPals collectible.

ShooterPals NFT Rarities:


100 Supply


20 Supply


4 Supply


1 Supply

ShooterPals NFT Game - Compassion Brigade Early Adopters

Join the Compassion Brigade!

Compassion Brigade members are early supporters of ShooterPals that will be remembered for their valiance, and rewarded for their courage.

Join the Discord server to become a member.

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Fall 2021

NFT Launch & Giveaways
Coming Soon!

Winter 2021/22+

Closed Beta, Play2Earn rewards.
New NFT collections: Pals, Hats & more!

NFT launch coming soon 🤗

Stay tuned for giveaways!

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