ShooterPals Logo Whitepaper

Official Whitepaper, last updated December 2022

"Most free-to-play multiplayer games extract value from the top spenders that support the ecosystem. The next generation of games will share that value with its players by giving them true ownership of the assets they paid for or earned through play. After all, community enables a multiplayer experience worth supporting in the first place." is a free-to-play platform shooter game where players compete in fast-paced multiplayer battles featuring shoot ’em up action and a grow-bigger game mechanic inspired by the io genre (think meets Worms meets Super Smash Bros.).

Players customize their character with cosmetic game items as they battle to dominate the leaderboard, rank up, and earn rewards.

Grow bigger and more powerful with each kill. But watch out! Score resets when you’re eliminated. The higher a player’s score, the more space their cosmetic items take up on screen!

Players sign into the game, collect rewards and access their ShooterPals inventory via Web3 wallet (e.g. MetaMask), seamlessly customizing their character in game. Decentralized ownership of fully auditable game items means players have full autonomy over their assets.

All cosmetic game items are made from handcrafted art and exist as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Polygon, Ethereum layer 2 blockchain as ERC1155 NFTs.

Players earn CHIPS tokens by:

  • Eliminating enemies
  • Ranking up
  • Unlocking Achievements
  • Competing in ranked Skill Matches

 Players spend tokens to:

  • Play games (buy Play Credits)
  • Purchase cosmetics, chat phrases, emojis and more to customize their appearance, style of communication and game experience

In an alternate universe where aggression is compassion, an alien race known as ShooterPals got together to shoot ’em up, show the love, and see who’s the bigger pal. Players face never-ending battle as they explore the elemental worlds of the star system. Earth, fire, air, water & ether inspire the 2D environments of ShooterPals.

The ShooterPals Mission
A pal’s purpose is to unite and spread compassion throughout the star system. Accordingly, the ShooterPals Mission is to bridge the worlds of casual gaming and blockchain to facilitate the onboarding of newcomers to the crypto gaming space. It’s all about compassion!

The Vision
The ShooterPals vision is to create a free-to-play, multi-platform, blockchain-empowered experience that seamlessly introduces the benefits of modern token technology to the masses through a casual game with depth of skill and a novel combination of game mechanics.

Why blockchain?
Most free-to-play multiplayer games extract value from the top spenders that support the ecosystem. The next generation of games will share that value with its players by giving them true ownership of the assets they paid for or earned through play. After all, community is what enables a multiplayer experience worth supporting in the first place.



Players compete in real-time multiplayer cartoon shoot ’em up action. The core endless casual game mode is available to all players. Rack up kills to grow bigger and stronger while staying alive as long as possible! Score resets upon death! The top player in each match is rewarded. The more often (and skillfully) you play, the more rewards you earn.

Choose a nickname and start playing. Jump straight into action with one-click instant matchmaking!

Watch out! Bigger pals roam about, ready to destroy anything in their path.

Grab Weapons, Ammo, Health and Shield pickups from around the map to aid your battle for domination.

Grab some Shield to protect your Health!

Incoming damage will affect Shield first before reducing HP.

Green healthbar is visible to you onlyBlue shieldbar is visible to everyone!


Grow bigger on the battlefield, and more powerful, too, with each and every kill that you accrue.
As players grow bigger by getting kills, their Damage, Rate of Fire, Vision and Shield increase. Bigger pals make formidable opponents.

Lucky for little pals, HP is capped at 100 and can never grow bigger! Bigger pals must rely on their increased Shield for defensive advantage.
Visible enemy Shield helps little pals know when they can pick a fight with a bigger pal!

Remember: Little Pals don’t always have little spirits, but Bigger Pals are always bigger targets.


When a player is eliminated, their Score resets along with their size, and their advantage.

XP and rewards are earned at the end of each play, where players can review their performance.

The action never stops! Wait 5 seconds and respawn as a little pal.


Players arrive at a random location each time they play. Instant matchmaking finds the best match for the player, regardless of map.

The more you play, the more you’ll explore the worlds of the star system!


Players start out small and agile, moving quickly around the map. Increased early-game movement speed helps little pals escape from the big guys!

As players grow in size and strength, they get heavier, too. Bigger pals slow down, balancing out their increased damage, rate of fire, shield and vision.

Double jumping allows for mobility at all sizes. Players can drop below and jump over platforms to easily make their way through vertical spaces.


Players start the game with just a Handgun and their determination. More powerful weapons are necessary for survival, and can be found throughout the map!

Carry up to two primary weapons, and switch between them at any time.

Melee attack nearby opponents. Knife is equipped by default and is always usable.

Carry up to three grenades. Grenade pickups can be found throughout various maps!

Ammo management is important in late game where player skill tends to be higher. Ammo pickups can can be found throughout the map, and will replenish a player’s current equipped weapon, whatever it may be.


Weapon Properties

Influence a weapon’s role in combat.

  • Damage
  • Rate of Fire
  • Accuracy
  • Vision Range
  • Weight
  • Ammo Capacity
  • Bullet Speed
  • # Shots Fired
  • Bullet Spread
  • Aim Down Sights: Vision Range
  • Aim Down Sights: Mobility Penalty

Closed Beta Weapons

  • Knife
  • Handgun
  • Revolver
  • SMG
  • Heavy SMG
  • Shotgun
  • Heavy Shotgun
  • Assault Rifle
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Heavy Machine Gun
  • Shock Rifle
  • Frag Grenade
  • Sticky Grenade


The top three players with the highest score in a game are “on the Leaderboard”. All three are recognized for their score, but only the Biggest Pal is graced with the ability to earn tokens for staying alive!

Leaderboard Spots
#1 GOLD – The Biggest Pal | Rewards earned every 1 second
#2 SILVER – The Bigger Pal | Up next!
#3 BRONZE – The Big Pal | Getting close

Big pals are powerful but have more to lose. Be careful, score resets when you’re eliminated!



Fully customizable controls allow for maximum comfort. Default controls are listed below.

Move with WASD keys. Jump/Double Jump with W. Aim with mouse.

Fire with left click (can be held down). Aim down sights with right mouse button.

Double-tap or hold S to drop below platforms.

F to melee opponents. Shift to throw grenades. Drop Weapon with V, and Switch Weapon with Q.

Collect Health, Shield and Ammo pickups by moving into them.

Step on a Jump Pad to soar into the air!


Character Customization

ShooterPals NFT Character Customization

Players customize their in-game appearance with NFT character skins. Over 22k combinations of Pal, Hat & Backpack cosmetic types are currently available, with more to come such as weapon skins, chat phrases and emojis.

Mix and match owned items to suit your style. ShooterPals items are purely cosmetic and grant no in-game competitive advantage. Let the good times roll!

Players are provided a No-Coin Pal and Fiat Hat as non-tokenized items for free. All other cosmetic items are NFTs and must be purchased or earned by players. Sign into the game using web3 wallet, or login with username and password for restricted play-only functionality.

Player Tier is determined by the highest rarity NFT held in a player’s wallet. Rare and higher tiers unlock core game token earnings and daily credit boost. These boosts do not affect gameplay outcome.

NFT Rarities & Player Tier Boost


100 Supply ea.


20 Supply ea.

+40% CHIPS Earned/Kill


4 Supply ea.

+200% CHIPS Earned/Kill


1 Supply ea.

+400% CHIPS Earned/Kill

Launch Collection

RaritySupply# Pals# HatsPals SupplyHats SupplyTotal Collection Supply
Total 28241,5361,2962,832

The Launch Collection is the first release of ShooterPals NFTs, featuring 28 unique Pals and 24 Hats.

ShooterPals NFTs are ERC-1155 tokens on Polygon Network (Ethereum layer 2). The supply of each item is determined by its rarity.

Total Initial NFT Supply: 2,832*
*New ShooterPals NFT collectibles will be released in the future.
**Mythic items to be released in future collections

Launch Collection Giveaways
10% of each Common item supply, 5% of each Rare item supply and 37.5% of each Legendary will be reserved for promotional use including NFT giveaways.

RarityGiveaway SupplyGiveaway %OpenSea SupplyOpenSea %Total Collection Supply

Compassion Levels & XP

Players gain XP (experience points) as they play the game, ranking up to new Compassion Levels and earning token rewards.

Compassion Level insignias allow players to get a sense of how much experience they have relative to others. Reaching a new Compassion Level unlocks token rewards and provides a sense of accomplishment and social validation!

Get kills, killstreaks and leaderboard points to gain XP. Rank up rewards correspond to Player Tier, determined by the highest rarity game item (NFT) held in player wallet.

 Compassion LevelXP RequiredCHIPS Reward – CommonRareLegendaryMythic
2Private 1st Class3,00023610
5Staff Sergeant30,0009132745
6Sergeant 1st Class45,00014194169
7Master Sergeant63,000202860100
81st Sergeant84,000283984140
9Sergeant Major108,0003853114190
10Warrant Officer 1135,0005070151251
11Warrant Officer 2171,0006591195325
12Warrant Officer 3216,00083116248413
13Warrant Officer 4270,000103144309515
14Warrant Officer 5333,000127177380634
152nd Lieutenant405,000154216462770
161st Lieutenant495,000185259555925
19Lieutenant Colonel909,0003034249091,515
21Brigadier General1,368,0004055671,2152,025
22Major General1,665,0004646491,3912,319
23Lieutenant General2,007,0005287391,5842,640
25Pal General3,000,0006749442,0223,370

(Reward values rounded)

Closed & Open Beta will first appear in closed beta as a limited release or MVP (minimum-viable product). The MVP will launch with core multiplayer gameplay including Web3 integration (MetaMask login and NFT character skin inventory). Players must hold a ShooterPals Launch Collection NFT in order to participate in closed beta.

Open Beta will introduce full Free-to-Earn functionality (both Free to Play, and Play to Earn). Players are not required to hold a ShooterPals NFT to play in open beta.

Core gameplay will be refined and iterated upon as feedback is received from the community and insights are uncovered with data. Features will be phased in and built out during the lifecycle of closed & open betas.

In-game environments, audio, UI and play mechanics can and will change prior to and during beta. Representations of the game as shown in the whitepaper and reveal trailer are not final. The Star System is ever-evolving, and the journey has just begun!


ShooterPals Chips - $CHIPS

The CHIPS token is the in-game currency of Players earn CHIPS by playing the game!
The name and design of the token is inspired by the likeness of the Double Dip Games “computer chips and dip” logo.


  • Get kills
  • Get killstreaks (number of kills in rapid succession)
  • Get leaderboard points: the top 3 players in each game earn CHIPS for staying alive!
  • Rank up to new Compassion Levels
  • Complete Achievements

CHIPS is an ERC-20 token on the Polygon blockchain. Players must be logged in with a Web3 wallet to earn and receive rewards.

CHIPS Usecases

  • Play games! ShooterPals embraces a polished return to the pleasantly difficult, coin-operated days of arcades past — in digital fashion!
  • Buy exclusive cosmetics and other customization-enabling items (NFTs) purchasable only in CHIPS tokens
  • Discounted fee when transacting in CHIPS at the ShooterPals Marketplace

The goal of the ShooterPals Chips token is to keep the magic of a traditional game economy alive. Players earn and spend simply by playing.

Starting at Open Beta, owning a ShooterPals NFT is not required to play the core endless game mode and earn token rewards!

The vast majority of CHIPS supply is allocated to Play to Earn, ensuring most tokens are earned before they’re bought. This sustainably incentivizes interaction with the game and democratizes token supply in a manner gamers would expect.



Token amountTotal Supply% 
Play to Earn900,000,00090%Locked: issuance starts in Q2 2022
Double Dip (Core team)50,000,0005%Some unlocked, some locked
Advisors20,000,0002%Some unlocked, some locked
Dex Liquidity10,000,0001%Unlocked
Community10,000,0001%Some unlocked, some locked
ShooterPals Reserve10,000,0001%Locked: issuance shall not start until Q3 2022
Total amount1,000,000,000100% 

Initial available supply is set to ~65,000,000 CHIPS, or 6.5% of the total supply. Available Supply will increase as the game is played, and when additional Core team and Advisor tokens are unlocked in 2027.

Play to Earn
Play to Earn supply is locked to reward players for playing. This supply unlocks as the game is played. The more frequently and skillfully the game is played, the greater the volume of CHIPS rewards distributed.

Kills Inflation Rate

1 Enemy Killed = 0.1 CHIPS Earned

Killstreak Inflation Rate
1 Killstreak point = 0.01 CHIPS Earned
(For example, the tenth kill in a killstreak would grant 10 killstreak points, or 0.1 CHIPS (0.01*10) in addition to the base 0.1 CHIPS granted, for a total of 0.2 CHIPS for that single kill.)

Leaderboard Inflation Rate

Match Leaderboard SpotLevel1 CHIPS EarnedReward Rate
#1GOLDEvery 100 seconds0.01 CHIPS / second

The Play to Earn supply and initial inflation rate not only provide runway needed to scale the game, but incentivize player interaction and retention while ensuring sustainability of the democratized tokenomic model.

Inflation rates will be adjusted as needed. An official inflation rate algorithm may be deployed at a future date.

Update October 27, 2022 – Base match rewards reduced by 80%. Leaderboard rewards removed for 2nd and 3rd place. Rank up and Achievement rewards reduced by 95%.

Update July 10, 2022 – Base match rewards reduced by 50%.

Update April 2022 – Base leaderboard rewards reduced. NFT earnings boost now applies to Leaderboard rewards (+40% for Rare NFT holders, +200% for Legendary).

Double Dip Games (Core team)
Double Dip Games is the team behind and should remain incentivized to keep building and supporting the game into the future. Half of the allocated supply is locked up for five years, ensuring team, community and investor incentives are aligned.

Half of allocated supply locked for five years. If you are interested in becoming a ShooterPals Advisor, please contact [email protected]
Welcome to our Founding Advisor theAPEcoach! The game’s first set of Legendary rarity cosmetics have been minted in his honor.

Dex Liquidity
Supply available for trading as decentralized exchange liquidity.

Giveaways, out-of-game rewards, sponsorships, partnerships and more.

ShooterPals Reserve
The Reserve acts as a backup of CHIPS tokens to be dispersed by the core team to suit the changing needs of the ecosystem and will support functions including delivery of in-game rewards, community outreach, giveaways, partnerships and sponsorships as well as market liquidity and future development needs. Match fees from core endless mode and casual modes will replenish the Reserve.

Ranked Skill Matches

Players can choose to compete in ranked 1v1 ladder matches that reward the winner. This competitive game mode allows players to test their skill and leverage their talent for the potential to earn more tokens. Unlike the core endless game mode, Skill Matches are timed.

An Elo ranking system allows a diverse range of players to enjoy ranked 1v1 games. The higher a player’s Elo, the higher the token entry cost. Only the winner is rewarded in Skill Matches!

5% of Skill Match token entry costs are burned forever, creating a deflationary environment in terms of total token supply.

Example: Skill Match entry cost of 50 CHIPS per player. Five tokens are burned forever. Player 1 wins and is rewarded with 95 tokens.

Skill Matches will be phased in after beta launch.

Achievements Achievements

Players earn tokens, NFT rewards and in-game badges for completing achievements. Achievements are tasks or side quests that complement the primary goal of the game, to stay alive and get kills. Players are rewarded based on an Achievement’s difficulty and required play time*.

ShooterPals Veteran – 1,000 Lifetime Kills | Reward: 100 CHIPS

Achievement NFTs
Some ShooterPals NFTs are achievement-only mints. These NFTs can be obtained by being one of the first players to complete an achievement, or by purchasing the NFT from a third party that has completed the achievement. Players must complete the respective achievement in order to wear the NFT in game!

Achievement NFTs are minted upon completion of an applicable Achievement at no cost to the player, while supplies last per the item’s rarity.
For example, the first 100 players to complete a Common NFT Achievement will be awarded an achievement-exclusive Common NFT. Any subsequent players that wish to obtain the NFT after supply is exhausted must purchase from an existing owner. 
This fosters an environment where players are excited to “line up” and be the first to complete new achievements as they are released!

More difficult achievements may take days to complete, and will reward players accordingly with more exclusive NFTs. This window of opportunity allows streamers to broadcast their quest for treasure live on air!

(*Achievement NFTs will be phased in after Open Beta launch.)



The ShooterPals Discord server is the heart of the community, where players engage in open discussion, provide beta testing feedback, suggest new features, talk strategy, NFTs and more!

We Need YOU
ShooterPals is a new project. Join the Discord today and help the ShooterPals Community grow!
Early Discord members are known collectively as the Compassion Brigade.

ShooterPals NFT Game - Compassion Brigade Early Adopters

Join the Compassion Brigade!

Compassion Brigade members are early supporters of ShooterPals that will be remembered for their valiance, and rewarded for their courage.

Join the Discord server to become a member.


Developed using Unity. Multiplayer networked with Photon Fusion. Blockchain connected via Moralis.

In-game asset access tokens (CHIPS and cosmetic NFTs) built on Polygon, Ethereum layer 2.

Cross-platform, mobile support coming post open beta.



Priority Milestone Timeline
1 ✅ NFT Launch – OpenSea   Nov 22, 2021
2 ✅ Closed Beta Launch  Feb 22, 2022
3 ✅ CHIPS Token & Achievements Launch  June 11, 2022
4 ✅ Play to Earn: Dex & Marketplace (v1) Launch June 14, 2022
5 ✅ Free to Play: Open Beta Launch Dec 2, 2022
6 Mobile Support (Cross-Platform) 2023
7 Ranked Skill Matches, Casual Team Modes, New Game Worlds & Cosmetics 2023
ShooterPals Launch Collection Item #25: Smoochy Pal (Character Skin)

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