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Patch Notes (v0.16.3) Patch Notes v0.16.3
🛡️ Big changes are here including security improvements, an updated growth mechanic, and Play Credits

Security Improvements

  • IL2CPP scripting backend for code protection
  • Better obfuscation of runtime variables
  • Cryptographic verification of game data

🆙 Updates

  • Growth Mechanic: Absorb the Total Score of your opponent when you defeat them!
    • Player Size (& Strength) is now determined by Total Score instead of just Kills
    • Absorbed score is tracked by Compassion, a new score subtype that accounts for the size of pals you defeat.
  • Player Profile: New stats added including Highscore (‘Personal Best’), lifetime Leaderboard earnings, and lifetime Compassion score.
  • Kill FX: Horn layer added to sound effect for a deeper, more accomplished feel. A new subtle camera zoom effect gets stronger when you defeat pals bigger than you are!
  • UI: Outline added to weapon crosshairs and damage dealt indicator for better visibility
  • Analytics: Improved analytics will enable deeper insights such as weapon use rates by player rank, suicide rates by map, average plays per matchmaking session
  • Pal City map has a 50% chance of getting picked when a new game is started

Free to Play & Rewards Changes

  • Introducing Play Credits – non-transferrable credits used to play the game
  • Core mode costs 1 Credit per life to play
  • Daily Login Bonus: Collect 15 Credits per day for signing in! Higher Player Tiers get more credits:
    • Rare: 21 Credits
    • Legendary: 45 Credits
    • Mythic: 75 Credits
  • Buy credits at the in-game shop for 50 CHIPS each. Buy in bulk for discounted rates!
  • Leaderboard Rewards: Only the Biggest Pal in each match earns CHIPS tokens for staying alive
  • Base Reward Rate Reductions: Match rewards (Kills, Killstreaks and Leaderboard) reduced by 80%. Rank Up & Achievement rewards reduced by 95%

🛒 Credit Shop

  • Buy more Credits at the Shop! Click the icon next to your credit balance to open.
  • Use your unclaimed chips to pay in full for faster checkout and no gas fees
  • Pay with tokens held in your wallet by signing the transaction on your mobile app
  • It can take a few minutes to receive Credits when transacting via blockchain. Please allow 90-100 block confirmations
  • Credit Store Contract Address: 0xd3215A4F828668187d0C0AA5dc47E5cC8fF1AA3F (code verified on PolygonScan)

🔀 Balance Changes

  • Base vision range increased by 5%
  • Starting ammo increased by ~50% for all weapons except Sniper, Rocket Launcher & Heavy Machine Gun
  • Revolver: Base damage decreased from 45 to 34
  • Knife: Attack cooldown decreased from 3s to 0.5s
  • Big Pals: Grenade blast radius reduced
  • Big Pals: Grenade throw force increased
  • Big Pals: Rate of fire and damage reduced

🔨 Fixes

  • Take Damage Indicator: Back with a subtle camera effect
  • Death Animation: Bug fixed where pal size would reset prematurely
  • Weapons: Bug fixed where muzzle flash graphic displayed when switching weapons
  • Cursor: Bug fixed where mouse leaves the screen while game is open. (Use Ctrl+Alt+Delete to move cursor outside of game window, and Shift+Enter to toggle Fullscreen.)
  • Bots: Duplicate bots and movement issues fixed

💜 Other

  • Ether Moonbase map renamed to Matic Moonbase

Down for Maintenance

  • Desktop for Mac support
  • ShooterPals Marketplace and Global Leaderboard
  • Maps: Liquid Lagoon and Heroic Heights

🐛 Known Issues

  • Bots leave and rejoin when the host changes, and sometimes get stuck or float in the air. Larger bots may sink into the ground
  • Connection interruptions may result in sudden match disconnect including loss of match rewards and play credit, and unexpected movement that may result in suicide
  • Weapons and Pickups sometimes get stuck visually on screen
  • View mode (after death, before respawning): Camera sometimes tracks invisible pals when the host changes
  • Unresponsive on quit issue
  • FPS drop at certain events such as matchmaking and achievement complete
  • Getting kills while on a floating platform may result in dropping down

Looking Forward

Balancing both gameplay and the economy will continue to be a primary focus. Nothing is final, and changes introduced in this patch will be refined for the best overall experience.
In the next patch, we’ll continue addressing known issues and down-for-maintenance features. Other priorities include full controller rebind support and login with password.

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