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Development Update Nov. 3

ShooterPals Development Update
🔨 Hey pals! In this new development update series, we'll periodically share what we're working on and thinking about, and how we plan to adjust to changing times, new insights and lessons learned.

What’s Going On

The game has been offline since the hacks last month where a user gained unauthorized access to mint tokens by taking advantage of vulnerabilities in the game client. In response, we’re upping security and working to bring the game back online as soon as safely possible. Target go-live date for the upcoming patch is November 8th.

IL2CPP will be used as the scripting backend for release builds going forward, and cryptographic checks are being implemented to ensure integrity of the client application. (A new token contract has also been deployed as covered here.)

Due to these changes, desktop for Windows will be the only supported platform when the game first goes live again. Mac support will return in the near future. (As always, we feel ShooterPals will find its future home in cross-platform, mobile play. On a bright and related note, we’re happy to see Apple start to open its doors to applications that incorporate modern blockchain technology!)

Reflections and a New Direction

When it rains, it pours. The mentioned hacks resulted in a loss of all ETH in the Sushi liquidity pool, and even more downtime for the game after finally going live again (after the extended maintenance and networking upgrade period). In addition, the token economy was already facing issues with high inflation. All of this has resulted in a much-needed step back, deep breath, and fresh look forward.

Current Priorities

Our new commitment is to build a sustainable token economy now in closed beta, before building out the current roadmap and moving forward with our greater vision. A new in-game currency, Play Credits, is being introduced in the coming patch as part of this commitment. ShooterPals will cost Credits to play each life, while simultaneously remaining a free-to-play game. Learn more in this post!

After analyzing game earnings and the impact player tiers have on the economy, we now have a deeper understanding of the token inflation problem that occurred up until this point. The numbers are clear: dramatic moves must be made to increase token demand and achieve a net positive inflow of CHIPS that can be used to support the economy and growth of the project.

The following changes represent efforts to tighten and refine the Core game mode, economy and player experience.

Big Changes

  • The Core game mode will now cost 1 Play Credit per life to play (learn more here)
  • Play Rewards from kills, killstreaks and leaderboard reduced by 80%
  • Only the Biggest Pal in each match earns leaderboard rewards (2nd and 3rd spot earnings removed)
  • Rank Up Rewards reduced by 95%
  • Achievement Rewards reduced by 95%

Earnings Example: New base reward rate is 0.1 CHIPS/kill. With no tier boost, and without factoring in killstreaks or leaderboard, it now takes 500 Kills to earn 50 CHIPS, the cost of one Play Credit. Check out the Whitepaper for more details on the new reward rates.

Please note: As with all ShooterPals changes, nothing is final. The star system is ever-evolving (especially during beta), and adjustments will continue to be made as we learn and iterate.

Embracing Compassion

With these economic changes taking place, we’re keeping in mind that player experience is the most important variable to solve for. Our guiding philosophy is video games first, blockchain technology second, layered in where it makes sense to truly add value for everyone. Our goal is for players to first and foremost feel rewarded by the experience of play. Which brings us to the following upcoming changes.

Shifting Dynamics

  • Growth Mechanic: Absorb your opponent’s size and strength when you get a kill! (In traditional io fashion.) This change goes live in the upcoming patch!
  • Rare and Higher NFTs: In future NFT collections, Rare and higher tier items will be obtainable primarily through play. For example, through Achievement-only mints as mentioned in the Whitepaper, among other methods such as ranked play, tournaments or season pass rewards. Little to no supply of higher tier items will be available for direct purchase.
  • A Wildfire Approaches! Recon agents stationed in Fatal Forest have reported sightings of a distant blaze. According to their logs, the fire appears to be growing in size as smoke takes up an ever-increasing portion of the distant skies. The Pal City Council has advised pals without a home to find wallets to take shelter in, or risk getting burned if the fire changes direction. As of now, there’s no immediate risk to unsheltered pals.

🔨 Target go-live date for next patch: Nov. 8th (MST)

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