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Upcoming Free to Play Changes

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📢 We’ve received a lot community feedback about the need to balance the game economy, and we couldn’t agree more. The following upcoming changes will ensure the core game mode is independently sustainable before new modes go live.

Updated 10/29: Introducing Play Credits

We hear you loud and clear: the game economy needs to be balanced. We couldn’t agree more.

It’s still early, and new experiences are coming that will shift the game’s economic dynamics and help address this. 

In addition, it’s now clear that further and immediate steps must be taken to improve the current trajectory.

The following upcoming changes will help ensure the core game mode is independently sustainable before new modes go live:

  • Reward rates will be reduced dramatically
  • Introducing Play Credits: non-transferrable credits used to play the game. Games will cost a flat amount of credits each life to play. (Similar to an arcade experience where coins are deposited to keep playing.)
  • Daily Login Bonus based on Player Tier. Sign in each day to collect Play Credits!

Free/Common: 15 Play Credits
Rare: 21 Play Credits
Legendary: 45 Play Credits
Mythic: 75 Play Credits

The core game mode will cost 1 Play Credit per life to play.

Additional Play Credits can be purchased with CHIPS tokens at a price of 50 CHIPS per Play Credit.

(The price of Play Credits may be adjusted over time as we continue to balance the game economy.)

ShooterPals will remain a free-to-play experience starting at public beta, where a number of plays are guaranteed each day. As pals play, they’ll continue to earn CHIPS tokens each match based on their performance. Buy more Play Credits to keep the action going! 💣



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