Roadmap Update Nov ’22
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As a multiplayer game, the potential for fun and exciting gameplay stories will increase as additional players join the battlefield. We’re shifting our roadmap and reprioritizing existing target milestones to get to public beta faster. By opening the game to free players and launching on mobile sooner, the game will have a better foundation for new game modes that require higher active player count for quick matchmaking and a fun experience. Next Steps Previously, the top priority was new and ranked game modes, followed by free to play and finally mobile support. The goal of this priority shift is to…

CHIPS Token & NFT Price Updates
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Buy & Sell CHIPS Tokens New Liquidity Pool Initial Token Price 1 CHIPS = 0.0000000433 ETH Price will adjust with supply and demand. As with the previous pool, the new pool has a flexible liquidity range and 1% fee. An additional 1.7M CHIPS have been minted to provide liquidity. CHIPS token contract address: 0x43bC8008616952A23F53CadfD8d7a8Ba1B001a0 New NFT Pricing Common: 0.001 ETH | 20,000 CHIPS Rare: 0.01 ETH | 200,000 CHIPS Legendary: 0.1 ETH | 2,000,000 CHIPS OpenSea listings have been updated. CHIPS pricing will take effect when the in-game Marketplace returns – ETA next week! 📜 About the Price Changes Times…

Development Update Nov. 3
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What’s Going On The game has been offline since the hacks last month where a user gained unauthorized access to mint tokens by taking advantage of vulnerabilities in the game client. In response, we’re upping security and working to bring the game back online as soon as safely possible. Target go-live date for the upcoming patch is November 8th. IL2CPP will be used as the scripting backend for release builds going forward, and cryptographic checks are being implemented to ensure integrity of the client application. (A new token contract has also been deployed as covered here.) Due to these changes,…

New CHIPS Token Contract
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(This page will prompt you to add the new CHIPS token to MetaMask) New CHIPS Contract Address: 0x436bC8008616952A23F53CadfD8d7a8Ba1B001a0 All holders have been airdropped their previous valid balance, as determined by: Snapshot as of September 29th MST (block 33691327, prior to first hack) Valid activity thereafter, including game reward claims and transfers(Other valid minting activity will need to be re-executed, as wallet owner must call the contract function directly.) Please Note: The old token contract is no longer supported. Please review your balance! Contract code is now verified on PolygonScan New liquidity pool will be available after the upcoming patch….

Upcoming Free to Play Changes
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Updated 10/29: Introducing Play Credits We hear you loud and clear: the game economy needs to be balanced. We couldn’t agree more. It’s still early, and new experiences are coming that will shift the game’s economic dynamics and help address this.  In addition, it’s now clear that further and immediate steps must be taken to improve the current trajectory. The following upcoming changes will help ensure the core game mode is independently sustainable before new modes go live: Reward rates will be reduced dramatically Introducing Play Credits: non-transferrable credits used to play the game. Games will cost a flat amount…